Good and Bad Signs on First Date


First dates are usually at least a little nerve wracking. We all have a tendency to second-guess ourselves, or worse. Sometimes it can feel impossible to know whether your first date went well or not. Thankfully there are some indicators that you can look for that can help you know which way that crucial date leaned. First for the bad;

You have to pry information out of her

If you are doing all the talking, but it isn’t for a lack of polite questions, this could be a big red flag. A first date should be full of sharing. If you give information on your favorite hobby, and she is unwilling to share anything about her interests, you may want to move on.

A quick exit

If your date makes an unusually quick exit, don’t expect another night out. Sometimes women will claim they aren’t feeling well if they are looking for an escape route. Occasionally this is a legitimate problem, but you should be able to tell the difference. Or if she tells the waiter that you’re only there for drinks, don’t plan on being out late. If you drive her home and she gets out of the car with a quick “bye” and no physical contact, she’s not thinking about next time.

Now for the good;

She shows interest

If you experience a lot of back-and-forth in conversation, this is good. When you tell her about your interests or job, check her reaction. If she asks how long you’ve been doing it, why you enjoy it, or even for an explanation of what something means, she is at least intrigued by you. This is a good sign.

She’s talking about “Next Time”

Again, this one is pretty obvious, but some guys overlook it. If your date is smiling and mentioning the next time you get together, she is having a good time. Take advantage of this while she’s in the mood and get her to commit to another date!

Body Language

Body language can tell you more than anything else on a first date. If your date has her arms or legs tightly crossed and is leaning away from you, this is most likely a bad sign. So is a lack of eye contact. But if she leans forward, makes eye contact, and does a lot of smiling and nodding, you’re doing well. Another excellent sign is if she unconsciously mimics your motions, such as grabbing her glass or brushing her hair back.

You need to remember that no matter how your first date turns out, you just need to keep moving forward. If the date went poorly, don’t worry too much about it. Ask yourself why it was less than optimal, and see if you can learn anything from it. There are other women to date. On the other hand, if your date went swimmingly, good for you! Now you can move forward to future dates with confidence.

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