Beating Gold Diggers At Their Own Game


Nearly every man believes he’d never fall prey to a gold digger.  After all, the signs of gold digging are obvious.  He’d never be so stupid as to give up his hard-earned cash to someone who couldn’t care less about him, right?!

The reality is, most men are easily fooled by a great body and a pretty face. .  Even the most conservative spenders have a great deal of difficulty saying no to a beautiful girl who acts like she’s interested in them.  The first step to avoiding the gold digger trap is to recognise your potential to fall into this trap.

An informed man approaches all dating scenarios with his eyes open.  A woman who is beautiful, intelligent, and caring is hard to find.  If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that most women lack at least one of these fronts.  Gold diggers tend to be long on the beauty and intellect and short on the caring.  That makes them great potential sexual partners and lousy potential wives/long-term girlfriends.

The best way to separate the gold diggers from the rest of the available female population is to watch for the warning signs.  In no particular order, here are the top four signs she’s a gold digger:

1. She’s always searching for information about how much you make.

2. She never offers to pay for anything. Ever.

3. She has little to no respect for women who work low-level jobs for a living.

4. She’s eager to please you sexually when things are going her way. If you refuse her material requests, she refuses your carnal ones.

If the woman you’re dating meets at least three of the above criteria, she’s probably a gold digger.  Now that you’ve determined that this is the case, you really only have a few options:

Option One: dump her.

Option Two: let her take you for all you’re worth and give up on having a healthy relationship with an amazing woman.

Option Three: permanently assign her to the casual fling category.

Gold diggers are usually women who have spent a lifetime learning how to leverage their looks to get what they want.  They’re pros at what they do, and what they do is separate you from your money.  Fortunately, there are ways of enjoying some of the perks of dating a potential gold digger without actually endangering your bottom line.  If you’re the type that feels guilty about engaging in a little reverse manipulation, stop right here.  If you think that all’s fair in love and war, so to speak, read on.

Assuming that you don’t have an extremely pressing need to find Mrs. Right, the best answer is obvious.  So long as your gold digging partner isn’t of the particularly expensive or lazy variety, you’re likely to enjoy superior sexual encounters with a woman who is most likely above your league in the looks department.  What’s not to like about that?!

Count The Cost

The most important thing to do is to weigh the emotional and financial cost of maintaining a casual relationship with a gold digger.  Even the most self-sufficient man needs meaningful relationships with women.  A relationship with a true gold digger is anything but meaningful.  If a gold digger overestimates the amount of money you’re willing to sink into the relationship, the relationship is a no-go from the start.

Creating A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

While dating a gold digger, remember to maintain the highest possible level of honesty.  Remember that she usually doesn’t want a deep relationship any more than you do.  Be honest if she asks whether you’re on the market for something long-term.  Set limits to the amount you’re willing to spend on outings/presents and stick to it.  If she agrees to continue to go out with you, you’ve scored yourself a reliable date when you’re low on energy or are pressed for time. If she loses interest, you’ve spared yourself a potential headache.

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